About SageFen Maker Fest

SageFen Maker Fest is an all-volunteer science-fiction/fantasy creation focused convention. We’re dedicated to the sharing of creative knowledge among fans and fellow creatives.

We’re a home-grown convention!

Sagefen Inc. and it’s namesake event, SageFen Maker Fest, is founded by Pacific Northwest fans with decades of experience as professionals, teachers, engineers, builders, and creators who love teaching, sharing, creating, and learning. 

SageFen Maker Fest is a home-grown, all-volunteer-run sci-fi/fantasy maker convention. A celebration of the creativeness that is fandom, we’re dedicated to the sharing of knowledge among fans and fellow creatives. We welcome everyone who loves the creative process and wants to share that love with other fans. 

Debuting April 29th – May 1st, 2022, SageFen celebrates the creativity of the sci-fi/fantasy community. Makers and Creatives of Fandom share their knowledge in workshops and demonstrations, growing and teaching the fandom for the next generation. We host vendors, artists, and makers from around the Pacific Northwest. As an event focused on learning, we are pleased to share our status as a Washington State non-profit and a federally recognized 501c3.

Sponsors & Supporting Organizations

SageFen Maker Fest Board of Directors


Elizabeth "Liz" Vann-Clark


John "Red-Eye" Knight


Chrystal Brawdy


Board Members At Large

Chris Albrecht

Half crazy, half love

Warren Hughs

Member At Extra Large

Not Really on the Board Bonus Persons

Tim Martin

"I broke it"

SageFen Maker Fest Staff

Our SageFen staff is in charge of organizing all the things we love and need for a successful event! Are you interested in a volunteer leadership position at SageFen Maker Fest? Email chair@sagefencon.org to discuss how you can help shape a new convention that represents a creative fandom!

Art Show Director: Jeanette Allwardt

Marketplace Director: Trixy Reed

Gaming Director: Chris Albrecht


Programming Director: Jane Campbell

Registration Directors: Steve & Deanna Carder

Media & Publications: Chrystal Brawdy

Head of the Watch (and Volunteers): Jesse Sandbeck

Hotel Liaison: Gene Armstrong

Assistant to the Chair:  Cassandra Mehlenbacher

SageFen Maker Fest Volunteers

Meet our volunteers who helped make SageFenCon 0 happen.
We love them and appreciate all of their hard work and support!

Art Show: James & Renee
Registration: Vale & Aaron
 Jane Campbell, Isabella Sylvan, Joy Bragg-Staudt, Brad, Tim, & Marie

Game Masters: Calvin, Adrienne, Sebastian, Eric, Doug, Derek, & Samuel
The Watch: Skud, Patti, Trixie, Tigger,  Katie, Michelle, Counter, Ravyn, Veronica, Gabby, Dayne, Levi, Anthony, Aurora, & Olivia “times 2”

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