Art Show Information

Please email for an application! Spots are filling up fast & available for a short time!

General Art Show Information

Art Show and Auction

Direct Sale is an option to buy a piece of art from the art show outright for the artist’s price written on the bid tag.  This price is normally higher than the minimum bid, but it allows you to purchase the art without waiting through the bidding process and possibly being outbid or needing to fight for the piece at the auction!  Direct sales start on Saturday morning when the art show opens at 9am.  Any art that already has bids on it from Friday is not available for Direct Sale.  All art MUST REMAIN in the art show until Sunday morning at 9am.  If for some reason you can’t pick up the art you paid for, you must arrange for a proxy to pick up your artwork on Sunday and clear it with the art show staff to make sure they will be allowed to collect your art.

Print Shop is another way to purchase art at the convention.  Art available through print shop may be purchased and removed from the show during all art show hours.

The Auction will be held on Sunday at 1pm.  All pieces with three (3) written bids by 11am Sunday (when the show closes to bids) will be entered in the voice auction at 1pm.  Artwork with less than three (3) written bids will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet and is available for pickup beginning at 1pm on Sunday. 

Remember that when you are bidding on a piece you are committing to purchase that piece of art.  Three bids will take a piece to auction.  If you place the third bid on a piece, please be prepared to come to the auction to defend your bid or purchase your piece.

Art Show Hours:

Friday 3pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday 9am-11am
Sunday Art Auction begins at 1:0opm

Spaces, Fees, and Artist Information



4’ x 8’ flat


3’ x 2 ½’ table


3’ x 3’ floor space


Attending Artist Membership


Print Shop – including up to 10 copies of 10 prints


*Space and membership fees due dates will be sent to you when your application is confirmed as accepted. 

Artist Information

Artwork entered must be the artist’s original work. While artwork created utilizing digital tools is welcome, fully AI generated images are not considered “original work” and may not be sold in the SageFen Maker Fest Art Show or Marketplace. Artwork may be brought and set up by artists attending the convention or mailed in by artists who are not attending this year. More information available in the artist’s packet.

Space must be reserved and all fees paid in advance. SageFen Maker Fest charges a 15% commission. Please be sure that you have submitted your completed Reservation Form, signed and dated Release & Waiver Form, and payment.  Art Packets will be emailed out after receiving your application and payment.  Please contact the Art Show Director for any additional questions.

Artists’ Check-In begins at 8am on Friday. Early arrival is recommended, as the Art Show will open to the public at noon.

Contact Information

Lind Fischer
Art Show Director

Mailing Address (FedEX, USPS, UPS) for Artwork:
SageFen Maker Fest Art Show
℅ Lind Fischer
9202 W Gage Boulevard R204
Kennewick, WA 99336

See Artist’s Packet for additional details and information on mailing in artwork.

Artist's Packet

SageFen Maker Fest 2024 Art Show Participants

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