Guests & Presenters

Artist Guest of Honor: Michael Brugger

Michael Brugger is a digital artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. As a Clinical Engineer who primarily works in Radiation Oncology,  Michael started making art as a way of dealing with the stress of watching people facing some of the most challenging days in their lives. Michael draws his inspiration from a lifetime of reading science fiction and fantasy as well as a healthy dose of tabletop gaming. A typical day sees him wrangling electrons at work on high voltage equipment and later at home pushing pixels around on his monitor. It’s a good thing electrons are infinitely recyclable. He has won several Best Science Fiction and People’s Choice awards at conventions around the Pacific Northwest as well as creating two 30-foot wall murals for a local hospital. If not at work or making art, he can be found wandering the coast of Oregon with his wife of many years enjoying the ocean and all that resides next to it. See more of Michael’s art at Michael Brugger Arts.

Maker Guest of Honor: Sinister Metalworks

Sinister Metalworks specializes in lightweight steel fantasy armor and crowns. Their unique style creates colorful metal that’s popular among costumers in theater, cosplay, and renaissance fairs. Everything they make is hand hammered from sheet metal into shiny armor. They e strive to work full range of movement into every piece they make.  Their philosophy is that you should be able to move in your armor every way you can move out of your armor.  Since their armor smith studied martial arts, and has those weird double joint things, that’s a pretty amazing range of motion. The team also works with leather, creating beautiful and durable pieces, and fabric for the all-around costuming experience! See some of their work on their Instagram.

Cosplay Guest of Honor: Savage Cosplay

Tana Savage is an award-winning Master-class cosplayer that has been cosplaying for over 10 years. She has hand made over 40 costumes for herself, competing in multiple costume contests in Washington and Oregon. She’s won best craftsmanship for her Ruby Rose, as well as best master class and best in show at Kumoricon. Tana’s career and speciality is in industrial embroidery. She loves sewing and crafting large complex props. See some of Tana Savage’s cosplay creations on her social media @sewingsavage.

Special Guest of Honor: Dragon Dronet

Dragon Dronet is a special-effects artist, prop master, and actor whose work in Hollywood includes Escape from L.A., Star Trek: First Contact, The Chronicles of Riddick, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and Batman & Robin. He’s well known in the Star Trek fandom for creating engineering tools, communicators, Klingon daggers, phaser rifles, and Worf’s Klingon weapon. As a fan of the Pacific-Northwest, Dragon loves visiting our area and sharing his skills with both experienced and new creatives. He’s a regular visitor at local schools, supporting and inspiring students to develop their skills in media and theater. Check out some of the work of Dragon Dronet and his company, Renegade Effects, at Renegade Effects Group.



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Warren Hughs’ personal zen is the act of creation and exploration. Taking found and inspiring materials and processes and following the path they take him down. It may stem from his childhood pursuits of understanding machines and experimenting with them. Taking apart old electronics, motors and the like. These interests have evolved into a love and dedication to learning how things work and pushing that knowledge to new places. He has built a career in the trades over the past decade and have developed a diverse skill set… welding, wood work, metal work, lapidary, machine work engine repair, and whatever else suits my passions. Warren is inspired by how things around him are created and what makes things work.

From Warren, “I think that is enough to keep me busy for a life time. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, wherever it takes us.”

Visit Warren Hughs’ shop and learn more about his work at Hughs LLC.

Isabella has been teaching sewing and other fiber arts for over 30 years and she loves teaching. She wrote a quilting instruction book in 1986 and has been trained in needle felting by Aylia Talapa, one of the premier needle felting artists on the west coast. SageFenCon welcomes Isabella as one of our amazing fiber arts instructors; teaching crocheting, knitting, needle felting, and sewing.

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