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Artist Guest of Honor: Vandy Hall

Vandy H. Hall is a Pacific Northwest multi-media artist. She is known for blending diverse media ranging from blown glass to felting, intricate details and layers, her use of rich color and texture, her sense of whimsy, a creepy-cute aesthetic, the juxtaposition of natural, man-made, and fantastical elements, and her geek culture references. 

One of Vandy’s earliest memories is of being chased around a houseboat by a robot, so it’s unsurprising that she grew up to be a science fiction and fantasy artist and maker. She grew up on a small farm near Portland, OR, in a hundred-year-old house, surrounded by over 10,000 books. Vandy’s parents have been a strong influence throughout her life, raising her with a combination of art, technology and pragmatism. They told her that art is problem solving, which she still believes today. 

Now Vandy lives next door to her childhood home in a house she built with her own hands. She is a cat lady, animal lover, and nature lover.

Between now and then, Vandy helped wear out the local library’s copy of The Princess Bride, joined a medieval reenactment organization, learned to juggle and fence, obtained a degree in art history and sculpture, did an internship at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, was an artist in residence and taught classes at Chehalem Parks and Recreation, and has traveled the US and Europe blowing glass and attending medieval and Viking festivals.

Vandy regularly attends and exhibits her art and is on panels at conventions and was honored to win Best in Show at Worldcon in SanJose in 2018 for her felted “Octohat.” She also won grand champion for her felted artwork at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in 2016.

Drawing inspiration from her Covid-incubated isolationist hobbies–caving, canyoning, and foraging– Vandy’s recent work incorporates found objects, upcycling, and the beauty that can be found in the interplay between man and nature. She tries to make her art available on both large and smaller scales. She is working on creating functional art, workshops, and kits, and is focusing on re-use techniques such as artful mending, alterations, and embellishment.

Maker Guest: Ryan Wells

Cosplay Guest: Momma Sammu

Momma Sammu in a Queen of Hearts costumeA native of the Pacific Northwest, Momma Sammu was raised attending, staffing, and dressing up at Fantasy and SciFi cons, but didn’t start cosplaying until their first Anime convention in 2006. They very quickly learned that the costumes they wanted to wear just weren’t available so, started making their own. Now, 16 years and 100+ costumes later, they’ve earned over a dozen Master level awards at conventions across the country and abroad for Costuming and Performance.  Sammu’s specialties include corsetry, ballgowns, bodypaint, and making things as extra as humanly possible, which has recently included their original TTRPG character designs.

When not at conventions, they love to share their knowledge through live streams, encouraging other creatives to try that new skill, or finally tackle that dream costume. They have done their best to create not only a place to share new skills, but a safe space for anyone who needs it, spreading the mindset that ANYONE can Cosplay.


Jane Campbell is a lifelong maker, both professionally and personally. After retiring from her career in chemical engineering and closing her costuming business, she can now dedicate her time to creating. Jane’s favorites are in fiber arts but she is never afraid to branch out and learn more. Her main fear is running out of room to store supplies.

Andy Hansen in his steampunk costume.A long time fan, gamer, costumer, and convention volunteer, Andy Hansen is more recently known for his amazing miniature paintings. Andy will be sharing his painting styles and techniques during SageFenCon’s mini-painting workshops.

Theresa HalbertTheresa Halbert is passionate and inspired by working with textiles, whether it’s in a costume or in the textile arts.  She has been playing with fabrics and beads ever since she can remember and has worked professionally in costuming and apparel for over 30 years in costuming. She infuses her love of fabric, beads and thread (and whatever else works.) with her love of science fiction and fantasy to create original artwork and costumes.  Theresa believes that Art and Costume is not just something to look at …but something to experience. 




Warren Hughs’ personal zen is the act of creation and exploration. Taking found and inspiring materials and processes and following the path they take him down. It may stem from his childhood pursuits of understanding machines and experimenting with them. Taking apart old electronics, motors and the like. These interests have evolved into a love and dedication to learning how things work and pushing that knowledge to new places. He has built a career in the trades over the past decade and have developed a diverse skill set… welding, wood work, metal work, lapidary, machine work engine repair, and whatever else suits my passions. Warren is inspired by how things around him are created and what makes things work.

From Warren, “I think that is enough to keep me busy for a life time. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, wherever it takes us.”

Visit Warren Hughs’ shop and learn more about his work at Hughs LLC.

Frog Jones was born and raised in a small town in Whitman County.  A child of the Palouse, the first thirty years of his life was lived within a one-mile radius of at least one grain bin. He studied Literary Studies, History, and Philosophy at EWU, and received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho.  He currently practices as the Chief Public Defender of Mason County, Washington and is one of the training leads for the Washington Defender’s Association.  But those are the day jobs. In the evening, Frog is an avid WoW RPer – he can be found skulking about as Cuhlan on the Wyrmrest Accord server.  He loves board games and tabletop games as well as writing alongside his wife.

Frog and Esther will be team teaching SageFenCon’s writing workshop. 

Find out more about Frog’s writing and podcasts at Jones Tales.

Esther Reed Jones in a gray and black lace blouse.

Esther Jones (Reed) is a child of Renton, Washington, and grew up among the evergreens west of the Cascades. A student of both English and Anthropology at EWU, Esther currently works as a Legal Assistant for the State of Washington. In the evening, Esther can usually be found watching one of her favorite animes or K-dramas, or gaming alongside her husband.

Esther and Frog will be team teaching SageFenCon’s writing workshop.

Find out more about Esther’s work at  Jones Tales.

MC and all around beloved nuisance.

Agathon McGeachy, holds a BSME and worked for 20 years as a machine designer, the last 14 years in the medical research field. He has skills as a fabricator, foundryman and machinist. As Manfred Kriegstreiber he participated in SCA tournaments and left having achieved that group’s highest honors. He is an accomplished ceramic sculptor. His gargoyle sculpture, “Just Keeping an Eye on Things” was Best 3d Art in Show (non-jewelry) at Worldcon in Spokane 2015. In 2020 he sold his first short story “Call Me Max” to the 2020 NIWA Anthology “Escape”. His story, “Shiplah’s Eyes” appears in the 2021 NIWA. Anthology “Forbidden”

Mike McWatters has been a collector and researcher of antique arms and armor since 1989, and has been published many times related to those things. But he is also a historical reenactor and a costume maker. He is a blacksmith, a leather worker, and does hard-science for 40 hours per week.

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

Shannon L Reagan is the owner and creator for Wyndwolf Puppets and Creations. As a writer, playwright, puppet artist and costumer she thrives on giving characters and stories life. She was born in California and fell in love with nature through her time with the Redwoods, but found her art grew even more in the lush Northwest where she now frequents events with her puppets. Shannon has a particular love for oversized puppets and puppet films. Shannon has worked freelance theatre art jobs across the Pacific Northwest and New England. Her joy in making characters and creating stories has led to puppets of all shapes and sizes.

More information coming soon!

Isabella has been teaching sewing and other fiber arts for over 30 years and she loves teaching. She wrote a quilting instruction book in 1986 and has been trained in needle felting by Aylia Talapa, one of the premier needle felting artists on the west coast. SageFenCon welcomes Isabella as one of our amazing fiber arts instructors; teaching crocheting, knitting, needle felting, and sewing.

Megan SimpsonMegan Simpson is a Fashion designer and Sewing + Textiles teacher local to Richland. Known for vintage style custom made garments from her shop Enola Mae Atelier, Megan is also passionate about teaching sewing + textiles classes to future generations in order to keep the art of sewing alive and well.

Jeff SturgeonJeff Sturgeon is a Pacific Northwest artist well known for his award winning science-fiction art and unique painting style. Jeff’s unique style involves laying paint upon metal, creating an illusion that can appear 3 dimensional. While digital imaging doesn’t quite do his work justice,  you can find a gallery of some of his pieces on Instagram and Facebook, or visit his website: The Art of Jeff Sturgeon

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