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SageFenCon 0
April 29th - May 1st, 2022
Holiday Inn Richland on the River
Richland, Washington

Between volunteers, vendors, presenters, and attendees, the first year of SageFenCon drew approximatley 260 adults, teens, and children. We hosted 17 artists in our Art Show, 18 vendors in our Marketplace, and 27 presenters who taught over 80 hours of workshops, demonstrations, and presentations. Featured events included a gaming room, costume contest, leather working, metal working, full sewing room, hands-on art workshops, puppet workshops, digital art workshops, costuming presentations, and a writer's workshop. Our visiting guests of honor were John Barba and Kaitlund Zupanic.

SageFen Maker Fest
May 12th - May 14th, 2023
Red Lion
Pasco, Washington

In the summer of 2022, SageFenCon changed its name to SageFen Maker Fest to better reflect the event. In addition to the previous year's workshops, demonstrations, and presentations, programming was expanded to include a full weekend writer's workshop, offering an opportunity for budding writers to write a short-short or flash fiction, with editing support, peer review, and resources for final editing and publishing. Filking concerts were added to the schedule for evening entertainment. Visiting guests of honor are Vandy Hall, Momma Sammu, and Ryan Wells.

Guests & Presenters

SageFen Maker Fest 1 has some amazingly amazing folks taking part to present, teach, and share.


Take a look at the many workshops, demonstrations, and presentations that are scheduled for Maker Fest 1. Also included are the descriptions of the sessions and how to sign up for make and take workshops.


Shop for membership, the Fest T-Shirt, and make donations.

Hotel & Location

Hotel details including where, when, how much, and links to book your stay.

Art Show

Find out more about the SageFen Maker Fest Art Show and auction and how to get your art included!


Dealers look here for details about how to sell your wares in the SageFen Maker Fest Marketplace.

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