At the Maker Fest

Learn a new skill or practice a favorite! Make & take workshops support learning with a little something to take home after your done. Some make & take workshops have small fees to cover supply costs. (Fees are paid directly to the presenters.) Presentations and demonstrations are great opportunities to ask questions and learn more!
*Schedules subject to change due to weather, acts of a higher power, gremlins, small unmonitored children, Murphy’s Law, and the general unpredictability of life.

SageFen 2023 Programming

Programming Schedule available to download in excel.

2023 Sessions


Before you arrive at SageFen Maker Fest, check the list of MakeNTake workshops and times, and choose the workshops you want to attend.  If you can’t do this before the Gathering, grab a program book or look at the posted information and choose your workshops.   Have the TITILE of the of the Workshops written down or circled in your program book. 

After you register and have your badge, on site at SageFen Maker Fest, look for the Workshop Signup table near registration.

MakeNTake Workshops all have limits on attendance, due to the need to prep materials ahead of time.  Those are the only sessions you will be able to sign up for or that you will need to sign up for.

We will be trying to make sure everyone has a chance to participate in a workshop so we may limit Friday afternoon signups.  Request the MakeNTakes you want in the order you want them.  Next year we hope to be able to let you sign up for workshops early, but we aren’t quite there yet.

At the signup desk, your requests will be compared to availability.  If available, you will be signed up and you will then pay the total for the MakeNTakes you asked for.  You must pay to be signed up.  No refunds will be given unless the Workshop is canceled by SageFen Maker Fest. 


We track payments in Square, so request a receipt emailed to you so you have a record of the Workshops you are enrolled in.

Program session descriptions 2023  Available to download.


It is important to email your preferred mailing address to the Programming Director so that you can receive your payment.

You will be able to stop by the Signup Desk an hour before your MakeNTake to get a printed list of attendees. 

Anyone who signs up after that time will bring a receipt with the Workshop Title and amount paid to the classroom. 

No payments will or should be accepted in the workshop session by the instructor.

Reimbursements to Instructors will be mailed within a reasonable time after the Gathering.

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