At the Maker Fest

Learn a new skill or practice a favorite! Make & take workshops support learning with a little something to take home after your done. Some make & take workshops have small fees to cover supply costs. Presentations and demonstrations are great opportunities to ask questions and learn more!
*Schedules subject to change due to weather, acts of a higher power, gremlins, small unmonitored children, Murphy’s Law, and the general unpredictability of life.

SageFen Maker Fest II Full Programming COMING SOON!


Blue iridescent scaled dragon eggs in a nest of dark brown wool.Dragon Eggs

We’ll be creating our own nest of dragon eggs! Each kit comes supplies for an egg and wool nest.

Dice Bags


Soft Leather Bags

Costume contest for prizes!

Annual Activities:

Build-A-Story Writer’s Retreat

Join fellow writers to build a short story over the course of the weekend. Retreat includes outlining workshop; peer review, editing, & feedback; suggestions for “next steps” in publishing your story.

Crafter’s Swap

Bring your extra crafting supplies to leave or swap! This is a Sunday afternoon activity. The 1st hour of the activity is open for bring & take swaps, the 2nd hour is open for attendees who may not have brought items for the swap.


Costume contest for prizes!

Family Games

Enjoy card and table-top games for all ages. Mini-workshops in a friendly environment to learn new games. 

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