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Marketplace Policies

Before the convention:

Convention Dealers are chosen to offer a wide variety of wares to convention members. The Dealer’s Liaison will contact you and let you know your status prior to the convention, in ample time to make preparations and pay fees.

Space in the Marketplace or on the waiting list will only be assigned on receipt of full payment, completed registration and the waiver form. Deposits or partial payments will not be accepted. Please be sure to check our “Dates To Remember” for deadlines.

Memberships are not included in the cost of the space but are offered at a discount to the primary Dealer and up to four staff members. Each staff person must have individual memberships with their name on it. “Staff” or similar name styles do not qualify. Dealer badges may not be transferred during the convention weekend.


Please contact the Dealers Liaison as soon as possible if you need to cancel. Refunds, when appropriate, will be paid as soon as possible. Cancellations made close to the convention may be refunded after the convention, if the space can be re-sold.

Any space that is not claimed by its by 8 pm on setup day will be resold. No refunds will be issued for a “No-Call/No-Show”. Exceptions may be in case of emergencies, at the discretion of the SageFenCon Dealer’s Liaison or Officers of the convention. If you are likely to be late, please contact the Dealer’s Liaison ahead of time to discuss potential alternatives to your setup time.

During the convention:

Only members and guests of the convention are allowed into the Marketplace.

Buyers of bladed products MUST be over the age of 18 or accompanied by a custodial guardian who MUST conduct the transaction. Please check ID on sales. Selling bladed products to minors without custodial guardian approval will result in a removal from the Marketplace without refund.

When the room closes for the evening – you close as well. Once the Marketplace is closed, re-entry is only by permission of the Dealer’s Liaison or Convention Officers, and with a staff escort. Re-entry is only permitted in emergencies. Please be sure you collect everything that you need before the room is locked for the evening.

SageFenCon will provide staff to watch the Marketplace when it is closed.


Dealer’s spaces and layout are designed with the goal of making your business as successful as possible. Please don’t rearrange your space or exchange spaces with other dealers without getting prior permission from the Dealers Liaison.

Please keep your displays and merchandise inside your space. Please do not burn incense or display open perfume containers. Keep music and video reasonably discrete. If someone wants to hear a sample more loudly, please provide earphones.

It is suggested that if you have equipment of your own (such as power supplies, cords, and lights) to please bring it and make sure that it is labeled. SageFenCon will make every effort to help you and your business have a successful stay, but equipment tends to be in high demand at conventions.

Space and Fees

Marketplace Table: $75 each

8 foot table. Up to two adjacent tables may be reserved. 

Marketplace Booth: $125 each

10 x 10 booth space to setup your equipment and wares. Booth sized spaces are limited. Additional tables are available at a rent price of $15 each.

Membership: $20 each

Discounted from SageFenCon’s pre-registration rate for general membership, this fee is good for up to 3 Dealer Staff badges per business. Staff badges must have individual staff names on them and are not transferable during the event dates.

Dates To Remember

Dealer’s Applications are open until until the space is full.

The Dealer’s Liaison will contact you regarding your application.

Payments for Dealer’s spaces are expected within 3 weeks of being accepted by the Dealer’s Liaison.

If you’re visiting from out of town, please remember to reserve your room before April 20th to receive the convention discount!

SageFenCon Dealer’s Liaison,
Jane Campbell

Please submit Dealer’s Application via email (, or mail to: SageFenCon Attn: Dealers, 1761 George Washington Way #354, Richland WA 99354

Current Dealers

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