Sagefencon COVID Response:


From the Sagefencon Board
Regarding Sagefencon COVID Response:

The staff and Board of Sagefencon have been following the COVID development and the State of Washington’s guidelines very closely. Sagefencon’s structure and planned attendance numbers places us as a “Phase 4” event in Washington state’s phased opening plan. Sagefencon is a “hands-on” event and as such, places a healthy, safe environment as our priority. With 8 months left until our event, we would like to share our preparation plans with you:

1) If we reach Phase 4 at an appropriate time before the event, we will open as planned. With the goal of continuing to keep everyone safe, we have additional cleaning procedures in place to add support to the hotel’s precautions. We’ll have a cleaning crew to disinfect “high touch” areas, copious hand sanitation stations throughout the convention, and individually packaged crafting kits. Mask requirements will be based on the CDC recommendations at that time.

2) If we can not hold the event, there are options for attendees, dealers, artists, and presenters. Memberships and dealer/art fees can be rolled over to 2022, to secure your space for a safer time. Or, you can request a refund of your membership/table fees.

Our hotel contract includes a clause for events that are unable to occur due to state emergencies. If you have reserved a room before Sagefencon and the event is cancelled, we will support you in working with the hotel to cancel your room for a refund. It’s important that you reserve your room as part of Sagefencon’s room block, so that the hotel knows you are there for the event.

The safety of our fan family, friends, and community is our highest priority. We want to be able to create and enjoy everyone’s company for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please message us on Facebook or email

Please stay safe!

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